Icons/ Shortcuts Missing from User’s Desktop

There are cases when the application is installed correctly and assigned to user in Cielo but it doesn’t appear in user’s desktop.

  1. Before troubleshooting the issue, please check the following:
  • Application appears as Installed in Cielo with blue dot


                If not installed but in Pending, you have to wait till it appears as installed.

  • User has the application assigned: when you check the box next to application name and go to Edit (pencil icon), user appears on the right window

                If user is not assigned, add him to the right column.

  1. If both conditions checked and user doesn’t have the icon on the desktop, unassign the user from the app. Move user to the left column and hit Save.


After that, open the Users again and add user back to the right column > hit Save.

After logging user off and back in to Cloud, the Icon should appear on the desktop. If this didn’t help, please contact the Helpdesk for further support.


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