Resource Management (RAM, CPU, Storage)



Partners can manage their clients’ RAM & CPU resources in Cielo.

To manage the server resources, select the client, go to Servers.

To increase the amount of CPU or RAM click on the checkbox next to the server name and hit the pencil icon to edit the resources.



New window will pop up where you can modify how much RAM and CPU will be allocated to the server


If you want the change to apply immediately, make sure you check Force Update option. In that case all users will be logged out in 5 min in order for the change to be applied.

When updating shared server resources, the change will apply to all terminal servers as specified in the resource update window (example above), meaning that each server will be allocated the specified amount.



Storage cannot be added by partners. If the storage amount on the server needs to be increased, an email request should be sent to

Once the additional space is allocated, it cannot be removed and the requested amount would be billed.

When free storage space on the server falls below 15 GB, Itopia reaches out to the partner to confirm if more storage should be added.

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