Cloud Performance Issues/ Disconnects

Whenever the connection faces latency or packet drops you are experiencing slow performance and/or disconnects. Thankfully the RDP protocol is good to resume the session where it left off. RDP usually disconnects when the latency goes over 150ms. You would see some delays in typing or clicking if the connection is around 100ms, we always recommend a connection that holds anywhere under 100ms.


To troubleshoot the matter, it is best to set up 3 constant pings from the client's local computer for about 5-10 min. To do this, just add -t to the end of the ping command.


One ping to the client's default gateway, the other to our data center ( and the last one to any website such as google or yahoo.


The default gateway ping will show you if there are issues internally. If you see drops or latency on both the gateway and the datacenter, then you know there is an issue internally. The reason for a 3rd ping to a random website is to use it as a constant just to compare the connection.


Also when you're done with the testing, you can press Ctrl c and it will give you the statistics of the pings. I know the lowest and the average might make the connection look stable, but if the fluctuation between the lowest and highest ping latency is larger than 20-30ms, then there is a definite issue on the connection and the customer's ISP should get involved.

If the disconnects are random you may need TO RUN a batch file (attached in the end of this article) for the 3 individual pings. Once launched it will keep running and can be stopped with Ctrl C. Once it is closed, it exports a log with timestamps in the same location you ran it from so you can correlate any latency to the disconnects.

If you determine the issues are not related to your internet connection, please call Helpdesk or send an email including the ping statistics to

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