Install and Configure BitTorrent Data Sync

How do I install BitTorrent Sync?

Mac and Windows

In order to download and install Sync for Desktop and notebook computers, visit and select Desktop

Once downloaded, launch the installer from the bottom bar of your browser, from the Downloads screen in your browser or from your “Downloads” folder within your file system.

Follow the instructions to install the application. On a Windows-based PC you'll have to complete the steps in the install wizard, while on Mac OSX you'll need to drag the application into the applications folder within the .dmg window.


How do I Configure Sync?


  1. On the top left corner, Click “Add Folder


  1. Browse to the folder you want to sync and select the desired folder.
  2. Once the folder appears on the Sync window, hover over the shared folder and click “Share”.

  1. On the Share window do the following:
    1. Set the Permission to “Read Only
    2. Under Security, uncheck all checkboxes
    3. Click the “Copy“ button
  2. Paste the content of your clipboard into the body of an email to It should look similar to this:

Shared FolderName:

NOTE:  If initial seed data was copied to the cloud file server and a file is deleted from the onsite physical server after the initial seed copy the file will still be present on the cloud file server. 

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 above for all folders you would like to sync to the Cloud File Server.
  2. Itopia help desk will apply the shared folder links to the cloud file server to begin the syncing process. The Partner must monitor the syncing process to ensure sync continues until cutover.
  3. Make sure the Itopia cloud file server is in Maintenance Mode.
  4. Go To Preferences



  1. Click on Advanced, Set Listening port to 29944 and make note of the Listening Port. You need to configure the on-site firewall to allow communication on this port.



  1. Follow up with Itopia help desk as needed to ensure syncing is in progress until cutover.



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