Cloud Workspace Connection setup on MAC

1. Open the Apple App Store and download Microsoft Remote Desktop.

2. Once downloaded, open Microsoft Remote Desktop and choose New.


3. A window will appear where you will enter information provided by the Master Client Report (Available in Cielo under Reports - Master Client Report). The only piece of information you’ll need from this report is the Server Connection Name.






4. The following window comes up when you select New.  The Connection name is a friendly name you would like to give the connection.   PC name is where you enter the Server Connection Name from the Master Client Report. Then Credentials are your cloud workspace username and password.  Domain is NOT NEEDED.  At the bottom you also have check boxes where you can choose to start the connection in full screen and also if you want it to populate all monitors.


5. Once you’ve populated those fields, select the Gateway drop down and choose Add Gateway. The Preferences box will appear. At the bottom left hit the “+” and start populating the fields. The Gateway name is a field to help you signify which gateway belongs to what connection. The Server field is where you would enter the Gateway address (the Gateway address would be the same for any client on the Itopia platform). 





6. Once the fields have been entered, you can exit the Preference box. Make sure that the newly configured gateway in the Edit Remote Desktop window is selected on the Gateway drop down, then you can close the box and connect to your Cloud Workspace.


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