Add/ Request New Application

 1. Login to

 2. Find the client in Client menu

3. Go to Applications, select the + sign to Add Application (if not available in the list, select Request Application – details below)



Select it from the list, put the version and add users. Mark option Send to Cloud and hit Save

4. If there's a Grey circle status , it means that the app was requested but the request have not been sent to the could. If that happens, mark it and click the cloud icon from top menu

5. Add license to the application by checking the box next to application name and selecting the keys icon on the top menu.


Note: Create a text file with the information and upload it

Note 2: Pending status (orange dot) means the app was requested correctly and is ready to be installed (SLA is 2 business days) OR that the license is missing and needs to be uploaded in order for Itopia to install it.

 6. You can assign users to the application when adding it, later when it appears in the list as Pending or after it's installed when clicking on the Edit icon on the top menu:


When the application is not listed in section Add application, an option Request application should be selected from the 3 dots next to the + sign:

Provide all the details requested in the window below and click on Save.

In the left hand side appears App Conflicts section:



In order to proceed with the request, the requester has to click on App Conflicts section and

Select similar version of the application instead form Select app section


Select the app and click on the cloud option from the top menu in order for the app version to be added to the list and installed.

After that, the application goes for Certification (the process can take up to 2 weeks) and during that time the app will not be visible in the list. The requester will receive an update when the certification is completed. The application will be included in the list and You will be able to add it for installation.





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