File Restoration Guide

Folders are located in data servers. Backups are created at 11 PM ET every day. If user creates a file and deletes it the same day, no copy will be available.

  1. Login to CIELO and connect to the server
  2. Find the Backup Manager icon in the Desktop – go to Restore
  3. In Session Time you can select the restoration date

 4. Navigate to the path provided by user i.e. C:\Data\”companyCODE”… (Home folder contains Desktop files, Downloads and Documents)

 5. In Restore to you can browse to the location where you’ll place the restored copy. It's recommendable to place it first to the server Desktop (C:\Users\”yourID”\Desktop)

Note: The restored folder will have a name of the drive letter which it was restored under and the full folder path of its original location!

 Open the folder with all the subfolders till you get to the file/folder you need, copy it and paste to the selected location (i.e. user’s Desktop)



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