Configuring Email on iPhone

1. Go to Settings


2. Select Email, Contacts, Calendars


3. Go to Add Account and select Exchange


4. Tap Add email account to get to the screen below


Provide the following details:



Password: your email password

Description: that will be a name of your account (you can put "Itopia Email" for example)


5. Click Next

IMAP should already be selected in blue. If not, touch IMAP, not POP

Host name:

User name: your email address

Server (if requested): or

6. It will take a few minutes to verify, please be patient (YES...IT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER). 

If you receive any errors, you most likely entered in the wrong user name, password, or misspelled the server names. Go back and make the appropriate corrections. If everything was entered correctly, you should see a bunch of check marks before it goes to the next screen.

7. Turn off Notes and touch Save

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