Cloud Workspace Connection Setup from Mobile Device

The steps below cover setting up your mobile device to connect to your Cloud Workspace. This will be done with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application found in the App store (free download). All screen shots are shown using the Samsung Galaxy S4. Your experience may vary based upon the device and version of you are using.

1. Install MS Remote Desktop from the App Store for your device.
2. Open the downloaded app on your device.

3. To begin configuration select the add button (+sign) located at the bottom of your screen

4. On the next screen configure the Connection name, PC name, and Gateway leaving the
Username field and Password field blank.
1. Connection name: Cloud Workspace
2. PC name (aka server connection address): (yourcompanycode) (Example:
3. Select “Gateway” to edit the fields


5. Enter the Gateway address and “select” the check box in the
top right of your screen when complete.

6. Back on the main Remote Desktop configuration screen select the check mark in the top right

7. Choose the connection you have created and log in using your username and password!


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