Cloud Password Policy & Password Change by User

Password policy:


Of all the services Itopia provides, the company believes systems security and data integrity are the foundation upon which all other services are built. Itopia maintains a long standing policy to meet or exceed best practice standards for information systems management, most especially with regards to security practices.  

Basic Guidelines for the Password Policy:

If Force User Password Complexity is OFF in the Client Settings (default)  


If Force User Password Complexity is ON in the Client Settings


Windows: Changing the password (2012 R1 & R2):

  1. Log In to your Cloud Workspace (Portal or RDP Client)
  2. At the same time press and hold the following buttons:
    ..... Alt........End
  3. A new screen will appear with the one of the options Change a password. Select this option.

4. Next, enter in your old password and create a new one.  Be sure to use a password that you and only you will remember


5. Once all of the information is entered correctly, click the blue arrow to Submitand save the new password.  


Windows: Changing the password (2008 R2):

While logged into your Cloud Desktop, open Windows Security.
Start → Windows Security


Click on Change a password…


Complete the fields with your old password and new password. Click the arrow when finished.


Click OK when you receive the system confirmation.


Changing the password (MAC with no End key): 

On a mac laptop with no end key:

<alt>+<command>+<fn>+<right-arrow>  (see below)





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