Configuring email account in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click the Window's Start button in the bottom left hand corner and click on Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, click or double-click Mail.

    Where is Mail in Control Panel?

    Mail appears in different Control Panel locations depending on the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, Control Panel view selected, and whether a 32- or 64-bit operating system or version of Microsoft Outlook is installed.

    The easiest way to locate Mail is to open Control Panel in Windows, and then in the Search box at the top of window, type Mail. In Control Panel for Windows XP, type Mail in the Address box.

    NOTE    The Mail icon appears after Outlook starts for the first time.

    The title bar of the Mail Setup dialog box contains the name of the current profile. To select a different existing profile, click Show Profiles, select the profile name, and then click Properties.

  3. Click Show Profiles.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Type a name for the profile, and then click OK.

  6. Enter a name for this profile
  7. Enter your Email Address
  8. Enter your Password and confirm it in the following field.
  9. Click Next and allow outlook to finish configuring you email account. 
  10. Once done click Finish.
  11. Once back in the Mail menu click the drop down menu for "Always use this profile" and select the profile you just created.
  12. Click Ok and open outlook.
  13. Outlook may prompt you to renter you email address and password, check "Remember my credentials" when prompted.
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