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Cielo provides activity audit logs to track changes with your client. To access Activity, go to top right corner and hit the 3 lines icon:


You can filter the activity by client, day, type and action:





Reports module is accessible from the main menu on the left.


Below are more details about some of the reports:


Account Lockout This report shows a history of account lockout incidents. Select a date range and the report will include username, the computer the account was locked out from, and a timestamp.
Client Storage

The client storage report will include total data usage for the selected company and a breakdown of data usage per user.

Enter an email address to receive the storage report once it has been generated.

The report can take between several minutes to several hours to generate depending on your clients total storage usage.

***The client storage report will include the highest storage value for the selected company in the past 30 days and a breakdown of data usage per user.***

File Audit

The file audit report will show a history of files that have been created, deleted, moved, or changed in your client's environment. The report matches file activity to the user that performed the action and a time stamp. The File Audit Logging option must be enabled in your client's global settings to track file activity.

The file activity log retains file transaction information for 365 days. Data is not maintained longer than 365 days and there is no option for extending the data shelf life, or for creating an offline copy. It is up to the partner to run and archive reports if more permanent records are desired.

User Activity This report shows log in and log off activity with time stamps for each user in the selected company.
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