CAS Workstation Discovery

To run the Discovery, we recommend Google Chrome as a web browser.

Login to

Each Client has their own link to launch the Discovery. It’s available under the Clients menu

 Click the link and you will be redirected to Workstation Discovery. Provide your email address and accept the Terms of Use, hit Next.


Fill in all the information in the next step (Ext field is not mandatory) and hit Next

 .exe file will download automatically, launch it to start the Discovery process



When the process starts successfully, a progress bar is displayed. The whole process can take several minutes.

In the end, there’s a confirmation message that the Discovery was completed.


As the last step, you will see the list of all the applications detected by the tool and you can select those that you will need to be installed on the server.


After selecting them, click Next to complete the process.

You will be able to see the data from the discovery in CAS (Users, Folders, Applications, Printers…)


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